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    Do you use a computer or laptop for extended periods of time? 

    Standard reading glasses have been the choice for many wearers for near vision tasks and computer use. However, reading glasses only offer a limited area of vision. ‘PC Pro’ has been specifically designed with a greater depth of view, that extends the clear vision area. 

    Your computer is usually positioned outside the near vision area, and as a result, standard reading glasses can sometimes blur your vision when looking at a computer screen. The superior design of PC Pro makes it the perfect option for anyone who uses a computer, offering dramatically less distortion. 

    Long term computer and laptop use or intense reading can tire and strain the eyes, especially if incorrect glasses are worn. PC Pro offers extended fields of view. 

    If you experience eye strain, headaches or difficulty with your vision when using a computer, PC Pro is your solution for complete comfort during long periods of wear. 
    Why choose PC Pro?
    • Designed specifically for computer use offering advanced visual performance 
    • Offers the best overall visual experience with less distortion 
    • Reduces eye strain and headaches
    • Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
    • A greater depth of vision than standard reading glasses
    • Perfect for any near vision task

    Field of view comparison

    PC Pro Vs Standard Reading Glasses



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