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    Having problems seeing in the distance?

    We have the solution for you..

    To help correct your vision in the distance ask your optometrist about HOYA NuLux EP lenses. These lenses are carefully designed utilising cutting edge technology to be significantly thinnerflatter and lighter than regular lenses, providing you with wider, clearer vision and all day comfort.

    The advanced technology of the NuLux EP lens design takes into account your ‘eye movements’ reducing eye fatigue and eye strain, offering you clear vision all day.

    Some of the Benefits of NuLux EP lenses:-

    • 77% wider fields of view meaning less head turning, reducing neck strain
    • Clear, natural vision and comfortable wear all day
    • 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays
    • A flatter lens thickness reduces magnification of the pupils improving cosmetic appearance
    • A thinner, lighter lens design reduces tired eyes when wearing for extended periods of time
    • Durability with the super scratch resistant ‘SFT Multi-coat’ as standard 

    Standard Spherical lens
    Field of view area offers
    limited clarity 

    Standard Aspheric Lens
    Slightly wider fields of view offering
    improved vision
    Nulux EP
    Double Aspheric Lens

    77% wider field of view offering
    clear, natural and vision all day



    Want your glasses to last you longer?

    For longer lasting glasses ask your optometrist about Diamond Finish Multi-coat technology from HOYA, the strongest Multi-coat on the market. 

    Benefits of Diamond Finish include -

    • Ultimate scratch resistance: complete protection from damage means your glasses will last you longer
    • Anti-reflection and anti-glare: clarity of vision is dramatically improved, especially when driving at night
    • Increased comfort: Diamond Finish multi-coated lenses provide relaxed vision, and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time
    • Condensation Free and Water Resistant: protection when outdoors or in the rain, with exposure to chemicals having virtually no effect
    • Durabilityrepeated cleaning will not reduce the durability of the lens, guaranteeing your glasses will last the distance
    • Easy to clean: your lenses will repel dirt, staying cleaner for longer

    Independent test results prove that Diamond Finish multi-coated lenses are 5 times more scratch resistant than standard coatings.