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    Sick of taking your glasses on and off all day long?

    Single vision lenses are typically not the solution for your reading needs. Single vision reading glasses are only suitable for viewing up to 40cm in front of you, anything further away will be blurred. 

    HOYAlux Desk lenses are like a single vision lens, however with the added benefit of extended focus for up to 2 meters so that you will have clear vision for not only reading but for looking around. For example if you are sitting at a dinning room table and you are reading your newspaper, with reading glasses you will only be able to see and read the page whilst the food on the table and any people sitting at the table will appear blurred. With Desk lenses the page will be clear as well as the food on the table and the people around you. Desk lenses are especially well suited for the office environment.

    Benefits of HOYAlux Desk lenses include:

    • Offers all day comfort without the repetitive task of taking your single vision glasses off and on all day.
    • Helps prevent eye fatigue and irritation, as well as headaches.
    • Provides all day comfort and convenience, in all working conditions.
    Standard Reading Lenses
    Restricts your vision so you
    can only see the computer screen
    HOYAlux Desk Lenses
    Offers wider and extended field of view where you can see the computer and the white-board