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    About Hoya Safety                                                                                          

    HOYA is a leading manufacturer of prescription safety eyewear in both the Australian and New Zealand market places. HOYA has been manufacturing prescription safety eyewear since 2007 when the first dedicated prescription eyewear standard was released. All HOYA safety eyewear products are independently tested to AS/NZS 1337.6.2012 and subsequently all products are endorsed and Certified by our partner, SAI Global. Using SAI Global means all HOYA safety eyewear products meet the highest available quality and assurance available and all HOYA products carry the 'Tick' of approval.

    HOYA has one of the largest frame and lens ranges available in the market. The HOYA frame ranges consists of leading brands such as Ugly Fish and Matador Equipment and our range carries a broad range of styles including plastic and metal frames and also a range of positive seal products as well.


    Mojo Black/Red Matador Rio Blue Matador Katalina Brown       

    About Phoenix

    Our lens portfolio consists of fully certified lens materials, designs and powers offering great choice in all situations. HOYA uses PHOENIX lens material for all Medium Impact safety eyewear. PHOENIX is a HOYA’s unique proprietary lens material and it is completely resistant to common chemicals, making it the perfect material for safety in the workplace when compared to other lens materials. PHOENIX is also extremely light-weight making it more comfortable to wear than other Medium Impact lens materials. On top of this PHOENIX is also clearer to look through than other lens materials available meaning you get crisper, clearer vision in all light conditions without compromising quality of vision.



    For more information or safety queries, please contact George Webster at george.webster@hoya.com