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    HOYA Lens Australia makes and supplies ophthalmic lenses to Opticians located within Australia and New Zealand. HOYA supplies a range of high quality products, including both plastic and glass lenses. We manufacture a wide range of lenses in single vision, multi-focal and bi-focal designs, all of which are available in different materials and with different coatings and finishes, catering for a wide variety of budgets and lifestyles as well as cosmetic and comfort requirements.


    HOYA established itself as Japan's first manufacturer of optical glass in 1941. Since then we have diversified into several business areas including Electronics, Optics, Photonics, Crystal and Vision Care. We now have establishments all over Europe, America, Asia and Australia. HOYA's Head Office in Australia is based in Sydney and has large Laboratory in Sydney. Our global enterprise maintains its standard of excellence by providing our valued customers with high quality lenses.


    “We will pursue the creation of and innovation in business in Information Technology and Lifestyle refinement, and contribute to creating a truly enriched society while promoting harmony among mankind, society and nature”


    To develop the best quality and most innovative products for our customers at a reasonable price. To help grow the market with our valued customers in partnership, focusing on training, marketing and information exchange.



    HOYA LENS AUSTRALIA Pty. Limited aims to provide the best possible products and service in the manufacturing and supply of optical lenses to its customers throughout all of its operations

    To achieve the above objective, a fully Integrated Management System is in place that addresses the requirements of:

    AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000
    AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004
    AS/NZS 4801:2001
    This includes Hoya Lens commitment to:

    1) Complying to all legal requirements and other additional codes of practice

    2) Continually improve all assessments of the company

    3) Aim where possible to eliminate or reduce injury or illness. This will create a safe working place for all on site.

    4) To review pollution and other possible environmental effects

    This is achieved through the settings and review of relevant objectives and targets, as well as ongoing reviews to ensure the adequacy of these in relation to business operations.

    This policy is communicated to all staff and is available to customers on request. All employees of HOYA Lens are aware of their responsibility of Integrated Management.