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    HOYAlog Program Download

    The below link is to help our HOYA Sales Team be able to set you up with our online ordering system HOYAlog.

    HOYAlog is recommended by HOYA  as it gives you access to online ordering straight from your computer. No need for any paperwork or faxing order upon order. With HOYAlog all you have to do is enter the details into the online system and with a click of a button the order is placed directly into the HOYA system. 

    Benefits of using HOYAlog;

    1. Quick and easy online ordering - the more you order the quicker you will get at using the system
    2. Orders are placed directly into the system - without you having to wait for your order to be entered into the system by our customer service staff
    3. Turnaround time is reduced - you will be happy to know that your order is in the system straight-away and the order is delivered in a timely manner

    To get your HOYAlog online ordering system installed contact your local HOYA Sales Consultant.


    Hoyalog Set-up File Only

      Setupv651 HAPL.exe (25,715.71Kb)