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    Why Use HOYA Safety?

    HOYA has one of the largest available frame ranges on the market place, utilizing well known brands such as bollé, Ugly Fish and Matador Equipment. Our frame range includes metal and plastic frames, a new RX insert range for extended power, positive seal products for dusty environments and stylish plastics frames for ever evolving consumer needs.

    On top of this HOYA has one of the largest lens portfolios available using both Phoenix lens material for Medium Impact purposes and CR39 for Low Impact purposes. Both ranges conform with the 1337.6.2012 Standards and are Certified to Standards through our partnership with SAI Global.

    On top of our product offering, our level of service and production speeds are highly competitive, which in a fast moving industry, is critical to both your business needs and those of your customers.

    For further information please contact your local HOYA sales consultant. 


    HOYA Safety Product Guide

    HOYA has developed an easy to read Safety Product Guide that outlines all Safety products available to your patients, and the technical specifications for each product. You can download the catalogue by clicking on the link:

    Safety Frame Stock Range


    HOYA Prescription Safety Eyewear Brochure

    Prescription Safety Eyewear Brochure


    To Order Hoya Safety Eyewear

    Please download and fill out one of the following safety order forms:


    If you are experiencing problems with the above order form please read these instructions carefully - Ordering InstructionsPlease make sure you fill out all the red highlighted squares if there is no value please insert a zero.

    HOYA Safety order forms use the latest version of Adobe and as such you may need to update the latest version of Adobe to fully utilize this order form. Please click here to visit the Adobe website for more information.

    What's new at HOYA


    HOYA is excited to have released 3 new product ranges into our portfolio - Non prescription, Low Impact and our new Extended Power ranges are now available. Please click on the links below for more details on each range. 


    Low vs Medium Impact

    The type of safety eyewear you wear is dependent on the task or activity conducted, and the risk that task can have on damaging your eyes. HOYA Safety Eyewear offers both low and medium impact options:

    Low Impact: Suitable for tasks where there is low risk of damage to the eyes, with no debris, however some protection is still required. Suitable for occupations such as a dentist, doctor or any chemical laboratory related tasks.

    Medium Impact: Suitable for occupations where there is a high risk of debris that can damage the eyes, or where blunt objects are utilized. This can include mining, construction, grinding, farming and agriculture, wood-working, machinery usage, hammering or brick laying.

    Medium Impact

    HOYA Phoenix 1.53 Lenses

    HOYA's unique proprietary Phoenix 1.53 lens material is a medium impact certified lens material used throughout HOYA's Safety Eyewear range. It is completely resistant to common chemicals, making it the perfect material for safety in the workplace. Phoenix is also extremely light-weight and is available with HOYA's Super Hard Coat and VP Multi-coat, guaranteeing crisp, clear vision across the entire surface of the lens.

    More information on this range can be found in the Safety Product Guide.

    Low Impact

    HOYA CR39 1.50 Lenses

    HOYA is happy to introduce a new portfolio of products for use in Low Impact environments using CR39 lenses. This new range has been tested in accordance with the

    1337.6.2012 AS/NZS Standards as meets all the requirements for use in a Low Impact or low risk environment. This new range has a large and extensive range of options including Single Vision, Bifocals, five Progressive designs and also a new Indoor lens range. In addition to these lens designs double sided hard coat is standard with options of VP Multicoat, Grey and Green Tinting, Transitions and Sun IQ also available.

    CR39 is a reliable, Low Impact resistant material and is suitable for environments of low risk like health based industries.

    More information on this range can be found in the Safety Product Guide.

    HOYA Safety Frame Range

    HOYA utilizes some of the best known brands in safety frames in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace. By using these brands we are able to create products that suit a broad range of activities, styles and price points.

    HOYA is proud to use the following safety suppliers:

    For more information on this range please click on the Safety Product Guide.

    Credit and Warranty Policy

    To view the Safety Credit Policy overview document, please click here

    To view the Safety Credit Request form, please click here

    SAI Global Accreditation

    SAI Global also conduct a bi-annual audit to ensure that all manufacturing processes are compliant to AS/NZS ISO 9001 requirements and inspects all records and batch testing samples conducted and retained by HOYA Lens Australia. Despite being an accredited laboratory, it remains the responsibility of Hoya Lens Australia to ensure ongoing compliance to the standard and the manufacturing requirements of all safety eyewear products.

    To ensure the highest quality products HOYA Lens Australia has sought and gained accreditation with SAI Global (license number SMKH20522). The accreditation process requires that HOYA manufacture a specified number of each frame type to specified prescription parameters. These units are then independently tested by a NATA accredited laboratory, for low impact, medium impact, penetration tests at both ambient and elevated temperatures, thickness criteria and prescription accuracy. The results are forwarded to SAI global, for independent assessment.

    Low impact - Protection from low energy flying fragments and small particles (frontal only) e.g. Small steel ball of 7mm in diameter traveling at 12 m/s.
    Medium impact - Frontal and side protection from medium energy flying fragments. This is the highest level of protection in spectacle format e.g. Same small ball traveling at 40m/s.

    HOYA's Phoenix Lenses are used to provide a choice of Single Vision, Bifocal and Progressive lenses all standard with UV385 Super Hard Coating, the lenses also provide options for outdoor tints and Transitions. Phoenix lenses also provide the added protection of being resistant to most common chemicals and provide optimum visual clarity.

    Download our Standards License here

    Certification is not compulsory and other manufacturers may claim that they can manufacture products compliant to the standard. In this instance the manufacturer is declaring that their product is compliant and must be able to substantiate the claims of conformance.