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    Customised lenses for optimised vision


    Research* shows many progressive wearers prefer their lenses to be customised for optimal vision, based on their daily activities.
    In response to progressive wearers’ needs and preferences, Hoya developed MyStyle Profile, which compromises 5 pre-defined designs: Modern, Adventure, Stable, Detail and Expert. The designs are specially customised to different wearers’ common visual requirements for far, intermediate and near vision.
    *2018 independent consumer survey on progressive lenses in APAC markets, N-410.
    MyStyle Profile benefits:
    • Smart Analysis - comfortable & natural vision
    • Binocular Harmonisation - Improve depth perception
    • Integrated Double Surface Design wider feild of vision and enhanced performance 
    • Position of wear weasy adaptation
    See 'Product Brochures' tab for more info and digital downloads. 

    Advanced technology for comfortable vision


    LifeStyle Balansis is Hoya’s progressive lens that makes advanced technologies available for more wearers.
    The design specifically addresses the common adaptation issues for progressive wearers: peripheral blur, unnatural head posture and the swim and sway effect.
    Balansis provides great visual comfort to carry out all modern everyday activities at every viewing distance.
    LifeStyle Balansis benefits:
    • Integrated Double Surface Design reduces distortion and provides natural head posture during near work
    • Stable View Enhancer reduces the unpleasant swim and sway effect, commonly experienced by progressive lens wearers when moving around
    • View Xpansion maximises the clear visual field by minimising blur in the outer area of the lenses
    • Ideal for first time and existing progressive wearers
    See 'Product Brochures' tab for more info and digital downloads. 


    Designed to meet the visual needs of drivers, EnRoute lenses are equipped with technologies such as the Glare Filter Material and Coating, which improve contrast and brightness perception, as well as cutting glare by reducing light scatter.

    EnRoute ideal for:

      • Wearers who need a pair of all-purpose lenses which improve their visual needs during driving
      • Wearers looking for reduced glare from headlights andimproved contrast perception when driving
    See 'Product Brochures' tab for more info and digital downloads. 

    Many of us enjoy playing sports. Not only is vision an important factor in sports performance, it also allows us to enjoy every
    moment of playing sport freely. 

    Sportive lenses:

      • provide vision optimised for sports.
      • are designed for highly curved frames, commonly worn in sport, for a secure fit even during fast moving activities.
      • curvature provides excellent protection for your eyes in all weather conditions including sun, wind, rain and snow.
    See 'Product Brochures' tab for more info and digital downloads. 

    Phoenix kid lens benefits:

    • Impact resistant
    • Thin & lightweight
    • Built in UV protection
    • Available with Diamond Finish & BlueControl
    To be part of our Back to School Promotion - click here or speak to your local Hoya Sales Consultant.  

    Celebrating 75 Years of Lens Leadership  

    Since HOYA started in 1941, our dedication to quality, innovation and our customers has been our number one priority over the last 75 years. 
    HOYA's gift to you - FREE Sensity upgrade*
    As a thank you for your continued support, you can enjoy Sensity at the clear lens price on all grind products*. Contact your HOYA  Sales Consultant for more information, see download 


    Patient Material - (click to download)


    *Available at practices who supply Hoya lenses. Sensity is available on grind lenses only. This offer is not applicable on Dynamic Sync or stock lenses. The offer is available at participating practices selling HOYA lenses & on applicable orders placed between 1 October and 30 November 2016. 




    IT's HERE!! - Single vision anti-fatigue lenses designed for your digital lifestyle

    Dynamic Sync lenses are specifically designed for people who spend long periods of time looking at near objects such as digital screens and require glasses to see things clearly in the distance. Dynamic Sync’s superior design has your ‘distance power’ for everyday use and a ‘boost zone’ at the bottom of the lens. The boost zone reduces eye strain during up close activities such as looking at digital screens, reading or any ‘near task’ activities. The boost zone allows  eye muscles to relax and focus more easily, helping to relieve eye strain and provide visual comfort. This is even after several hours looking at near distances.


    • Less eye fatigue and eye strain
    • Relaxed vision in all directions and at all distances
    • Comfortable, clear vision all day long
    • Available with premium anti-reflective coating BlueControl Diamond Finish


    NOTE: For marketing materials, please fill out the below order form, contact your local Sales Consultant or email marketing hapl_marketing@hoya.com 

     AUS Dynamic Sync Order Form

    NZ Dynamic Sync Order Form

    For more information visit the 'Product brochures' tab.




    Sensity takes light reactive lenses to the next level

    Sensity is HOYA’s latest innovation in photochromic lenses that provides unparalleled performance and outstanding user comfort. Throughout the day, people face different light conditions that demand a different solution - from light to dark; indoors to outdoors; sunny to cloudy.

    Sensity lenses with Stabilight TechnologyTM  swiftly darken to a sun lens outdoors, and revert faster than before to full clarity indoors. Tested across different climates, regions, altitudes and temperatures, Sensity lenses provide consistent light reactive performance. So whatever the day looks like, your patients will always have a convenient solution in one pair of glasses. 


    • Give you comfortable vision in all light conditions
    • Perform consistently in all climates, seasons and circumstances
    • Darken swiftly to sunglasses outdoors
    • Fade quickly back to full clarity indoors
    • Provide 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B rays
    • Are available in three stylish colours: brown, grey and green

    NOTE: For marketing materials, please fill out the below order form, contact your local Sales Consultant or email marketing hapl_marketing@hoya.com 

     AUS Sensity Interactive Order Form   

    NZ Sensity Interactive Order Form   

    For more information visit the 'Product brochures' tab.


    Introducing Live Your Vision 

    Discover how the Hoyalux iD family could meet all your patient’s lifestyle needs and visual requirements.

    Progressive lenses are not always easy for patients to understand. They may not even be aware of the different designs available in the first place. Take advantage of the  Hoyalux iD marketing materials that not only provide your patients helpful information about iD FreeForm progressive lenses, but also give you the opportunity to increase traffic to your practice. Order your campaign materials today!


    • Sharp and focused vision
    • Tailored to personal lifestyle and preferences
    • Precisely calculated for frame choice
    • Excellent depth of vision and effortless focusing
    • Superior image stability

    NOTE: Order Form only applicable to Australian market - for NZ marketing materials, please  contact your local Sales Consultant or email marketing hapl_marketing@hoya.com 

     iD Family 'Live Your Vision' Interactive Order Form   

    For more information visit the 'Product brochures' tab or contact your Local HOYA Sales Consultant. 

    Introducing V+ indoor solution: Understanding each wearer's needs

    Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+ is the latest indoor solution tailored to individual distances and wearer's needs. It's the three design variations - Close, Screen and Space offer optional depth and width perception at both near and intermediate distances. Individual wearing parameters can also be taken into account for more accurate correction, leading to significantly wider visual fields. And thanks to the use of HOYA's unique Binocular Harmonization TechnologyTM, its binocular performance is unrivalled.  


    •    Perfect and effortless focusing 
    •    Excellent depth and width perception at near and intermediate distances
    •    Always maximum width and crystal vision at intermediate distances
    •    Smooth and comfortable transition between the various distance areas
    •    Natural, stable vision when moving around


    NEW Best combination of technology, performance & value

    Hoyalux Dynamic WorkStyle is specially designed for the modern digital era. It maximises your visual range and offers a smooth transition between near, intermediate and even up to 4 metres in distance. Guarantees focused, distortion-free vision and helps prevent eye strain and fatigue.


    •    Relaxed focusing for near and intemidate viewing
    •    Prevent eye strain and eye fatigue
    •    Natural, comfortable vision and less head movements 
    •    Viewing zones optimised for peripheral vision
    •    Combine with BlueControl multi-coat and offer the ultimate indoor solution.

    For more information visit the 'Product brochures' tab or contact your Local HOYA Sales Consultant. 



    UV Control

    Protecting your patient’s eyes against harmful UV radiation

    UV is an important part of our daily lives. It provides us with the necessary vitamin D and boosts our spirits and vitality, thanks to its influence on the production of endorphins. However, UV radiation is also one of the proven causes of several medical problems as we age.

    UV radiation is the largest cause of multiple eye disorders. Standard lens materials can only absorb UV rays entering from the front of the lenses to enhance the cosmetic and optical performance. However, UV rays can still be re ected into our eyes via the back surface of the lenses. Until now.

    Introducing a new coating treatment to the HOYA Control series  UV Control, a unique coating applied to the back surface of the lenses, blocking the harmful UV rays from reflecting into your patient’s eyes. Together with the UV resistant lens material, UV Control is the most all-round solution offering 100% protection against harmful UV.

    • Prevents UV aging the eyes
    • Prevents UV damaging the eyes
    • Protects against UV related eye disorders and diseases

    For more information visit the 'Product brochures' tab or contact your Local HOYA Sales Consultant. 


    Always in focus with Hoyalux MyStyle V+

    Clarity in a split second. Everytime. Everywhere. 

    Eacch person is unique, and so are their prescriptions. 73%* of progressive wearers have a different prescription for their right and left eyes. Utilising the patented Binocular Harmonization Technology, Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ is the world’s first progressive lens that considers the right and left prescription individually as components to calculate the required binocular lens design.


    • Perfect and effortless focusing
    • Excellent depth of vision
    • Unprecedented binocular performance
    • Natural, stable vision
    • In all moments that matter

    *HOYA data: European progressive lens orders 2007-2013     

    For more information please visit the 'Product brochures' tab or contact your Local HOYA Sales Consultant. 




    Introducing the NEW Hoyalux Dynamic Progressives

    The Gold Standard in Backside Surfacing FreeForm Technology

    HOYA Lens Australia has launched its first full back-surfaced FreeForm progressive lens design – Hoyalux Dynamic Prime and Hoyalux Dynamic Premium.

    Traditionally, HOYA is known for its patented iD Design with Integrated Double Surface FreeForm Technology, and the award winning design Hoyalux iD MyStyle. The Hoyalux Dynamic is a perfect complement to HOYA’s FreeForm category of lenses, offering your patients the best combination of technology, performance and value.

    HOYA Backside Surfacing FreeForm Technology applies both aspheric and atoric curves to the back of the lens, providing wider fields of view and less distortion, which creates a more superior vision at all distances. Developed with the integration of Listing’s Law, Hoyalux Dynamic Progressives considers not only the horizontal and vertical movements of the eye, it also take into account the eye ball’s natural rotations in all other directions.


    • Optimised for individual prescription for greatest performance of the lens design
    • Offering your patients the best combination of technology, performance and value
    • Wider viewing area for both myopic and hyperopic patients
    • Less distortion providing superior vision at all distances

    For more information, please see 'Product brochures' tab or contact your Local HOYA Sales Consultant.


    Hoyalux Dynamic NuPolar®

    Hoyalux Dynamic NuPolar is the new back-side FreeForm progressive lens design combined with the state-of-the-art NuPolar polarised technology. A perfect complement to HOYA’s unique iD FreeForm Technology, offering an affordable, optimised lens design for your patients to enjoy the outdoors with the maximum protection against glare.

    Benefits of HOYA NuPolar®

    • Eliminates excessive brightness, greatly reducing eye fatigue
    • Increase visual clarity, depth and colour perception
    • 100% protection against harmful UV rays
    • Provides safety when driving on wet roads and on sunny days


    Hoyalux iD LifeStyle V+

    The easy to prescribe FreeFrom lens, inspired by people and optimised by technology.

    Hoyalux iD Lifestyle V+ belongs to HOYA’s Hoyalux iD family of customised, freeform progressive lenses and replaces Hoyalux iD Lifestyle. Hoyalux iD Lifestyle V+ integrates the latest design calculation technologies and new insights into the visual needs of today’s Presbyopes.

    Hoyalux iD Lifestyle V+ offers maximum visual acuity and a crisper perception through its new freeform aspherisation process. The progressive power distribution and build-up offers wider fields of vision and an optimised distance area, leading to a more relaxed vision.


    Two Design Variations:

    Hoyalux iD MyStyle was a major source of inspiration in the development of Hoyalux iD Lifestyle V+, and this has led to two design variations to better match the individual visual needs of two main target groups.

    • Hoyalux iD Lifestyle V+ Harmony- the all-round progressive lens that has the most comfortable progression distribution over the main vision areas. The perfect design for experienced presbyopes who expect nothing but the best possible vision where ever they look.
    • Hoyalux iD Lifestyle V+ Clarity- the dynamic progressive lens with primary focus on distance vision. The ideal vision for young active presbyopes who require sharp vision and unlimited movement.


    Hoya has reinforced its commitment to visual health with the launch of the first preventive lenses offering selective protection against harmful blue light and UV rays. Prevention, such as protecting the eye from harmful light, is currently the first line of defence against the worldwide problems of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. These conditions currently affect more than 350 million people around the world, a figure that may double in the next 30 years with Australia’s aging population.

    Throughout the day our eyes are constantly exposed to the blue light emitted from all kinds of digital devices, from LCD and LED computers and televisions to smartphones, tablets and GPS devices. Research has shown that more than a third of adults spend between 4 to 6 hours a day in front of a digital device, while 14% of adults spend between 10 and 12 hours a day. Excessive exposure to blue light can have an adverse effect on the eyes; causing eye strain and fatigue, as well as dry, red and irritated eyes and blurred vision.



    BlueControl is HOYA’s new coating that neutralises the blue light emitted by digital devices. While protecting the eyes from excessive exposure from blue light it offers a more comfortable and relaxed vision, preventing eye strain and fatigue over the course of the day.

    Hoya BlueControl is the ideal solution for consumers who regularly come in contact with digital devices as it;

    • Neutralises blue light, preventing from eye strain and fatigue
    • Reduces glare for more comfortable and relaxed vision
    • Better contrast perception offering a more natural colour experience

    Plus all the features of Diamond Finish; HOYA’s superior anti-reflection multi-coat.