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    HOYA Marketing and Product Information

    HOYA has developed a variety of marketing material that is now available for you.


    *******NEW MYSTYLE PROFILE*******



    Product Overview brochure to summarise all of our premium products in one convenient booklet. Click on the brochure image below to view. 


    Download (16MB) 




    For digital downloads and access to website/ social media material, please download here 




    *******AVAILABLE NOW*******




    Designed to meet the visual needs of drivers, EnRoute lenses are equipped with technologies such as the Glare Filter Material and Coating, which improve contrast and brightness perception, as well as cutting glare by reducing light scatter.

    Ideal for:

      • Wearers who need a pair of all-purpose lenses which improve their visual needs during driving
      • Wearers looking for reduced glare from headlights andimproved contrast perception when driving





    Many of us enjoy playing sports. Not only is vision an important factor in sports performance, it also allows us to enjoy every
    moment of playing sport freely. 

    • provide vision optimised for sports.
    • are designed for highly curved frames, commonly worn in sport, for a secure fit even during fast moving activities.
    • curvature provides excellent protection for your eyes in all weather conditions including sun, wind, rain and snow.



    For point of sale materials, download order form  here.




    Introducing Hoyalux Dynamic Progressives

    Gold Standard in Backside Surfacing FreeForm Technology.

    HOYA Lens Australia launched its first full back-surfaced FreeForm progressive lens design – Hoyalux Dynamic Prime and Hoyalux Dynamic Premium. The Hoyalux Dynamic is a perfect complement to HOYA’s FreeForm category of lenses, offering your patients the best combination of technology, performance and value.

    For more information please see trade brochures below (2.5MB) PDF or speak to your local HOYA Sales Consultant.


    Hoyalux iD Family

    With the introduction of progressive lenses, several decades ago, a true revolution occurred. Being able to see at all distances was no longer just a theoretical possibility. However, the problem with traditional progressive lenses is that you have to get used to it. Many progressive wearers need some time to adjust themselves to the way they perceive images.

    HOYA is the first manufacturer to succeed in developing a progressive lens with a completely new and revolutionary structure. It neutralises the disadvantages and provides maximum benefits.

    Click on links below to view more product information. 




    LifeStyle V+

    LifeStyle Balansis - NEW

    WorkStyle V+ & Hoyalux Dynamic WorkStyle


    MyStyle Profile

    MyStyle V+




    An ergonomic solution for any indoor environment

    Young professionals are always looking for a wide field of vision at far and intermediary distances, especially when working at a desk or in front of a computer. Ordinary reading glasses can meet these demands with limitations.

    Choose from HOYA’s wide range of vocational lenses to experience a more relaxed and comfortable vision when switching between near and far objects. 




    'Diamond Finish', the latest HOYA premium multi-coating technology has raised the benchmark to a new level. After many years of research and development Diamond Finish is the newest innovation in multi-coats, producing the highest scratch resistance in the market.

    From early morning until late at night we are using all kinds of digital devices, for work as well as for recreation. HOYA’s BlueControl neutralises the blue light emitted by digital screens, preventing from eye fatigue and eye strain. This keeps the eyes in better condition whilst offering more comfortable and relaxed vision and a more natural colour perception when using everyday digital devices.

    We are surrounded by UV all day, every day. The cumulative effect of long-term exposure can be quite impactful. UV radiation is in fact the largest cause of multiple eye disorders including cataracts and corneal degeneration. If you wear glasses, the material of your lenses are already absorbing all the UV light transmitting from the front. However, UV rays can still be re ected into your eyes via the back surface of your lenses. Until now. 



    In everyday life we are confronted by bright light and glare, whether driving to or from work, playing sport, going for a walk, or relaxing at the beach. Bright light and particularly glare are apparent in varying weather conditions and virtually all outdoor activities. In addition, UVA and UVB rays, although unseen present constant danger as they cause damage to the eye just like they do to the skin.







    To order hard copies or HOYA Marketing Materials for your store please contact Marketing at hapl_marketing@hoya.com.

    **Some files may be larger than others and can take a couple of seconds to download.