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    HOYAlog is an interactive and effective sales support tool

    We live in a world where communication technology is available to everyone all the time. This has contributed in making consumers better informed and more demanding than ever. HOYA’s online service centre HOYAlog was developed in response to the evolving optical world and telecommunications.

    Hoyalog is an advanced, interactive online ordering and sales support system, designed to assist you in your sales efforts, by providing you with the information and support necessary to recommend the perfect lens.
    Combined with HELP (Hoya Edged Lens Programme), HOYAlog means that placing orders has never been easier or faster, allowing you to reduce your expenses and increase your sales. Hoyalog even provides instant delivery of edged lenses designed for almost all frames, resulting in exceptionally high precision. HOYAlog makes it possible for you to spend more time with your customers than ever before, offering them superior, tailor-made solutions.

    Ordering edged lenses online 

    Hoyalog is not only an online ordering system and POS tool.  It can also carry out a number of activities usually considered to be time-consuming, risky and costly. Hoyalog allows you to reduce costs, focus on your profession and give your customers all the attention and advice they deserve. The next step after Hoyalog is HELP (Hoya Edged Lens Programme).

    Hoyalog HELP Cut & Edge-a quantum leap 

    For years, HOYA has been investing in robot-controlled production methods linked to unique software programmes. The HOYA HELP full-service system is just one of the impressive outcomes. Linked to the Hoyalog software programmes and the GT 3000 frame tracer, a highly precise 3 dimensional copy of the lens type is created.

    Subsequently, the curvature of the frame and the curvature of the lens type are compared, and the best position of the edge in relation to the lens is calculated. With a precision of 1/100mm, the lens immediately fits into the frame. Loosening a screw, mounting the lens, and tightening the screw - that's all it takes! In addition, several other options are available for you to choose from.

    The many hours otherwise spent in the workshop can now be used much more efficiently with your customers. 

    Customised Edging

    • Receive edged lenses direct to your practice
    • All you need to do is to place the lenses in the frame
    • The most accurate tracer in the world, saving you time and money
    • Flat edged (for rimless) and Bevel edge (automatic or manual positioning)
    • Convenient, frees up space and man hours
    • The solution to possible staff shortages
    • More time for marketing and promotion
    • Place and trace orders online, anytime

    HOYAlog Download Updates

    This new update of HOYAlog allows you to order the latest in HOYA lens design and coatings.

    For correct installment, the new file must be saved in the "DB" folder of Hoyalog as described below:

    1. When you click on the hyperlink to dowload your last Hoyalog master file update, choose the option "SAVE"
    2. Save as in "MY COMPUTER"
    3. Select your main Hardrive where HOYALOG has been installed, generally "C"
    4. Double click on the folder "HOYALOG"
    5. Double click again on the second folder "HOYALOG"
    6. Double click on the folder "DB"
    7. Then click "SAVE"

    Now your computer is downloading the file directly in the right folder ("DB") of HOYALOG ...
    Expecting time for downloading:

    • Roughly 2 min with ADSL connection

    Please contact your local sales consultant if you require aditional assistance

    To Download the latest HOYAlog Master file update please click on the link below NHMast.mdb.


    Hoyalog Master File Update

      NHMast.mdb (50,624Kb)